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The Drug Information System of National Health Care Institute

Genees-en hulpmiddelen Informatie Project (GIP), Zorginstituut Nederland
The Netherlands

National Health Care Institute (Zorginsituut Nederland)

National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland) co-ordinates the implementation and funding of the Health Insurance Act and the Long-Term Care Act. Zorginstituut Nederland takes up an independent position: in between policy and practice; in between central government on the one hand and the health insurers, care-providers and citizens on the other.

The tasks of Zorginstituut Nederland are laid down in statutes. The most well-known of these are:

  • Providing advice on the sum for contributions and the budgets for health insurers;
  • Managing contribution funds and distributing them over the health insurers;
  • Providing guidelines for carrying out new and existing legislation;
  • Monitoring adherence to the regulations of international conventions;
  • Informing health insurers, care-providers and citizens;
  • Monitoring the feasibility and efficiency of government plans;
  • Detecting and reporting bottlenecks in the practice of implementation.

Zorginstituut Nederland comprises an executive board appointed by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport and a supportive organisation under the guidance of a management board. The executive board comprises seven independent executives.

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