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The Drug Information System of National Health Care Institute

Genees-en hulpmiddelen Informatie Project (GIP), Zorginstituut Nederland
The Netherlands

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The GIP databases contain data from a representative sample of almost 16 million people (almost the whole Dutch population). The sample has been obtained from 10 health insurance organisations and has been extrapolated to the size of the entire Dutch population. For each prescription the following information is available:

  • patient-related: identification, gender, age and region;
  • drug-specific: name, dosage form, ATC-code, defined daily dose (DDD);
  • prescribers: general practitioners or type of specialists;
  • dispensers: pharmacists, dispensing general practitioners and other outlets;
  • prescription: date, dispensed amount and prescribed daily dose (PDD);
  • cost: pharmacy price, dispensing fee, VAT, reimbursement and personal contribution.
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